Google nexus 7 : Jelly Bean

Yesterday i came to know this new device named Google Nexus 7 featuring Android 4.1(Jelly bean) and i am very excited to tell you about this new device recently launched by Google.Google has created this tablet with cooperation of Asus. Microsoft has recently launched its Surface and this is an attempt by Google to surpass Surface and Apple ipad.Nexus 7 tries to cover the crowd already dominated by apple ipad.

However,there isn't 3G model available for this tablet,but obviously keeping the price as low as possible was the key here.Also there is no rear camera and only a 1.2MP front-facing snapper.However it is capable of shooting 720p video,so it's not all bad.

Here is a quick look at the basic features of this tablet :-

Size and Weight
Built by Asus, Google Nexus 7 measures 198.5x120x10.45mm and weighs mere 340 gram.

Nexus 7 is powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce  12-core GPU which promises better graphics while gaming.The tablet also has gyroscope, accelerometer and Magnetometer.

Operating System
Nexus 7 will run Android 4.1 (Jelly  Bean) which has copule of new features like smarter keyboard,Gesture mode,improved search,voice search,easy-photo sharing etc.

The tablet is having 1.2MP front camera which is able to shoot 720p HD videos but there is no rear camera for this device.

As for the connectivity, the tablet will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, MicroUSB, microphone, NFC (Android Beam) and GPS.

Battery and Storage
Google Nexus 7 boats of a 4325 mAh battery which promises up to 8 hours of active use.Also,the tablet comes in two flavours of 8GB which costs $199 and 16GB which costs $249.This is limited storage and cannot be expanded.

Applications and other things
The Nexus 7 tablet will obviously come preloaded with Google Apps -- like Gmail, Chrome, Google+ and Youtube. The user can access Google play (that has over 6,00,000 apps) to download whatever he or she wants.

For music lovers, Google tablet will also feature Music Manager through which users can import entire iTunes music library (up to 20,000 songs) to the user's Google Play account. Once the desired songs and music are available on Nexus 7, the user can listen to the same on the web or any other Android-compatible phone or tablet. 

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  1. I think you should get your information right, Microsoft has not launched the surface yet. Also there is no point in comparing it with the iPad as both the tablets target a totally different customer segment, what i think is that Google is trying to gain some traction by providing a better tablet than Amazon Kindle in this price point.


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